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Another chocolate I was forced to eat during the heat wave, I wasted no time getting at the tiny bar. The smell of this particular chocolate is peculiar in that instead of the same dark chocolate smell carried by the other three varieties, it has a slight smell of almost…jerky, I would like to say. The smoky herb smell, I suppose you could call it.

The chocolate has held up pretty well for sitting in the 80+ heat wave we’ve got going, with barely any melt and keeping the generic World Market ribbed texture going strong. The smell is interesting, so I’m excited to taste.

Indeed, the taste of the chocolate is underwhelming. The real taste is in the chilis put in, which are so strong that the smell climbs back up and down after chewing. The taste reminds me very much of jerky chocolate, and the spicy kick is even stronger than that of the Tabasco-flavoured chocolate. It sits a bit heavy in your throat though and it feels like it could possibly cause a kick of acid reflux.

This is a very strong, very savoury chocolate. I favour it for the smoky, spicy flavour I’ve grown to love with chocolate, but the threat of acid reflux is hard to ignore. I don’t think I would purchase this again, even for the bargain price of 39 cents a square.

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